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[MONTHLY] #PostCatastrophe– Best Sounds 03.2015 [FREE DOWNLOAD]

Photo credit, Peter De Potter. So you didn’t die. Chemo didn’t kill you. Cancer didn’t carve off your head and place it on its mantle. Hooray. Beaucoup jazz hands clouding your vision. A marching band is about to parade into your bedroom and give you an orgy. You’re going to run across that finish line […]

[TOP SOUNDS] Best of RAC- We Count Down Our Top 7 Sounds

Throw some RAC fans at a pile of his tracks and tell them to ‘grab, grab, grab motherfuckers’ what of his they’d consider best of the best and, surely, you’re going to get as many different lists as there are minds involved. André Allen Anjos, aka RAC of today, is prolific as fuck. That constancy […]