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[Indie Rock] Murder by Death – Stanley Hotel Show Review

If you have ever seen or even heard of the classic novel “The Shining” by Stephen King, you probably have some idea that it was inspired by the Stanley Hotel in Estes Park, Colorado. A very haunting and bone chilling hotel located atop the mountains has delivered ghost stories for almost a century now. Stephen […]

[END OF YEAR] Best of Indie Pop 2013

Indie pop… the most broad genre of all genres, yet still my hands down favorite. Its been a huge year for indie pop as some artists came onto the charts this year with minimal followers and blew up they are all over the radio now (Lorde for example). Thanks to blogs like this, small artists […]

[HOUSE] Adventure Club – “Wonder” Feat. The Kite String Tangle

At the Sights and Sounds we are no stranger to Adventure Club, who have been on the fast rise the past year. Off their recently released EP Calling All Heroes is their first hit titled “Wonder” featuring The Kite String Tangle. In typical Adventure Club fashion, the base of this song is catchy as hell and […]

[Electro Funk] Gramatik – “Obviously” Feat. Cherub & Exmag

  Yes, you did read that write. “Obviously” is by Gramatik plus Cherub PLUS Exmag. This is the kind of collab that I live for, not just two great artists pairing up, but three. And those three being incredibly different yet absolutely amazing in their own rights. Thank you music gods. Cherub brings the funktastic […]

[POP] Felix Cartal – “Young Love” Feat. Koko Laroo (Original vs. Acoustic)

  Felix Cartel is no stranger to the lovely miss Koko Laroo, and their hit single “Young Love” has been out for a few months and has been making its rounds and stealing hearts left and right. They have also worked together on “After Dark” featured on Felix Cartal’s newly released EP Past Present Felix. However, recently […]