[END OF YEAR] Best of Indie Pop 2013

[END OF YEAR] Best of Indie Pop 2013

[END OF YEAR] Best of Indie Pop 2013


[END OF YEAR] Best of Indie Pop 2013

Indie pop… the most broad genre of all genres, yet still my hands down favorite. Its been a huge year for indie pop as some artists came onto the charts this year with minimal followers and blew up they are all over the radio now (Lorde for example). Thanks to blogs like this, small artists can get their music out there and have that opportunity to grow. Some of the people on the list have been around for awhile yet most I had never heard of until this year. As always take the words “Indie Pop” with a grain of salt as I pay respect to various artists that lingered into that genre this year. Enjoy!

20.Wolfcolony – Beauty


19. Owl-Eyes – Nightswim


18. Atlas Genius – If So


17. Cage the Elephant – Come a Little Closer


16. Andrew Belle – Pieces


15. Yeah Yeah Yeah’s – Sacrilege


14. The Neighbourhood – Sweater Weather


13. Cold War Kids – Miracle Mile


12. Dale Earnhardt Jr. Jr. – If You Didn’t See Me [ You Weren’t On The Dance Floor


11. Felix Cartal Feat. Ofelia – New Scene


10. Dillion Francis Feat. Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs – Without You

Okay yes, I know this os a stretch for Indie Pop but this track needed some recognition. 2013 was the year of Dillion Francis and I am incredibly envious of whomever got to eat dinner with him at Taco Bell, and I wouldn’t mind being his babysitter either. Francis paired up with TEED for this emotionally driven track that Francis worked on during an dark time, at the end of a relationship. It’s so far removed from what Francis usually does that the simplicity of this song and relatable nature of it drove me to add it to this best of list. Sometimes an artist really shines when they step out of their comfort zone and this song proves just that.


9. Disclosure – Latch

Disclosure could have a few songs be top songs of the year but “Latch” was hands down my favorite. This song introduced me to Disclosure and it was unlike anything I heard in awhile, and I was quickly addicted. The duo cross layers genres here with the heart throbbing lyrics synced up with a fluttering beat that builds and drops lightly enough to not be considered “bwompy.” The song is sexy and makes you want to dance. Have you seen the video?! Maybe you should watch in private as it may be one of the sexiest videos of the  year as well.


8. Empire Of The Sun – Alive

Empire of the Sun can do no wrong in my opinion. Just when I think they may have burnt out they come back with a whole new album in 2013 that just lit a fire underneath them. They sold out almost every show of their Fire and Ice tour this year which is saying something about their constantly growing fan base and developing sound. “Hello to my people, say hello to the future” lyrics from the song “Alive” that are so on par with why they are loved. They are good to their fans with completely show stopping concerts that one would expect at a vegas spectacle. This song is a feel good track that was a favorite off the album, and a crowd screaming anthem.


7. CHVRCHES – The Mother We Share

This Scottish band released their album The Bones Of What You Believe  late this year as their first studio album and “The Mother We Share” blew up on its own and largely in the DJ community as it became a widely sampled and remixed song. This song is refreshing within the indie pop genre this year as it uses simple beats and inciting lyrics with a friendly a comforting voice. I have high hopes for this band and expect their album to reach new heights in 2014.


6. St. Lucia – Elevate

Where in the world did St.Lucia come from? With all but a EP out most the year and a recently full album release just two months ago this amazingly humble yet fabulous group went from 0 – 60 with just a few damn good songs. “Elevate” being the clear stand out of the year pairs up caribbean flair with catchy romantic lyrics. I just smile and dance a little bit when this song comes on and its been a staple on all my playlists this year. They toured hot this year and opened for Two Door Cinema Club (talk about an AMAZING show), and are a band to expect big things from in 2014


5. Two Door Cinema Club – Changing of The Seasons

Speaking of Two Door, whose discography is beyond impressive, this one track released solo took storm of the Indie Pop world this year. Thats right they only released this one song. Talk about confidence in the song. Thats rare! But everyone took notice. This song is not only catchy as hell, and true to the Two Door sound we love, its super dark and relatable. At first listen I was smiling, singing and dancing along to the song. Then once I dove into the lyrics and realized how deep they are about not loving someone I was like whoa? But totally related to the message. Touche Two Door, touché.


4. Cherub – Heartbreaker

Can I just nominate Cherub for top new artist of the year? Sure there big album come out in 2012 but it didn’t really make its rounds till this year. If I could put “Doses and Mimosas” on this list I would…at #1, but it was a 2012 release, dammit! The boys still released their album “100 Bottles” this year that was on the same funktastic level AND the boys just leaked two new tracks for their 2014 album. “Heartbreaker” is a song we all have a friend we would like to dedicate it too. Thats the beauty of Cherub, I literally think of them as my friends. All of their music is party tunes, no not a club tune, but about partying with your friends and having the best night of your life, over and over again.


3. Haim – Don’t Save Me

Also a top new artist of the year is Haim. It was difficult for me to choose which one song was the best of year as I truly enjoy listening to their entire album, as did the rest of America. From gracing the cover of magazines, playing SNL and putting out their first album “Days are Gone” all within one year these girls completely stole the hearts and ears of everyone. Dubbed the modern age Hanson (but with real talent?) these sisters crushed it with “Don’t Save Me” as a stand out from the album with straight up girl power attitude that was a new flavor in 2013.


2. Ms Mr – Hurricane

A front runner that came out of left field this year. 2013 was the year Ms Mr made a name for themselves, but 2014 will be the year they take over the Indie Pop scene, watch out Haim. The track “Hurricane” was released from a garage band this year on Ms Mr’s first album, and is now being played on national radio stations everywhere, and selling out most shows on their tour as well! The Ms of Ms Mr has a intoxicating voice paired up fairytale meets breakup lyrics and instrumentals. I could’t get on spotify without seeing Ms Mr all over my feed. I expect huge things from them next year and cannot wait.


1. Portugal. The Man – Modern Jesus

I have not come across a song, basically ever, that has a message as mind blowingly pure and true as P.TM’s “Modern Jesus.” “Don’t pray for us, we don’t need no modern jesus, to roll with us. The only rule we need is never giving up. The only faith we have is faith in us” lyrics from the song that literally speak to an entire generation. A lot of songs/artists on this list are supported by their album or artist success where I feel that this song was literally the best stand alone song of the year. Take away the popularity of Portugal. The Man, take away the awesome album “Evil Friends” that was produced by Danger Mouse, and this song is truly great on its own and I believe to be the best of 2013.


For uninterrupted listening check out the playlist on my Spotify at: 2013 Best of Indie Pop


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