R&B Artist EMI Speaks On Female Empowerment + Her Latest Track, “Bad Friends”

R&B Artist EMI Speaks On Female Empowerment + Her Latest Track, “Bad Friends”

R&B Artist EMI Speaks On Female Empowerment + Her Latest Track, “Bad Friends”


Ladies, gather ’round. Seattle-born singer/songwriter EMI  just dropped her latest women’s anthem, titled “Bad Friends.”

Since her debut single “Phantom” in 2016, as well as her EP Planet in 2017, EMI has been readily making waves. Her moody, synth-based raps and impressive lyrics have earned her touring slots with the likes of Young Thug and The Neighborhood, and have awarded her comparisons to The Weeknd.

Her latest track, “Bad Friends,” which was released on June 29th, is just a taste of what EMI has in store for this year, and we were lucky enough to have the opportunity to speak with her about it.

Your latest track ‘Bad Friends’ is being praised as a ‘female empowerment track.’ Tell us more about that. What message are you sharing with all the baddies out there?

The message that I want women to take from this song is to have high standards for yourself and your friends. Work hard, be independent, handle your business, and don’t let a fuckboy steer you off track.

How does ‘Bad Friends’ intersect, or stand out, from your previously released tracks?

I think Bad Friends fits sonically with the rest of my music. It’s a different vibe, but it’s still very EMI. Content-wise, I definitely intended this song to be geared more towards females, while the rest of my catalogue is more unisex. I needed one for the ladies.

Who are some other female artists out there who are particularly influential to you? Any plans to collaborate with them in the future?

I’ve spoken on this before, but I love Rihanna. I love her confidence, her work ethic, her ability to stay relevant, and her ability to KILL any additional business venture she takes on. I would hope to collaborate with her in the future as I think we have a lot in common. Another artist I enjoy is Dua Lipa. You can tell that she works extremely hard and she has too much swag. “New Rules” was also a great feminist anthem and the video was iconic.

I’m very curious about Seattle’s music scene. Can you tell me about what it was like growing up there, and how the scene shaped your experience both consuming and creating music?

Seattle’s music scene is actually thriving. People think it isn’t, because so few people have blown up out of here in the past few decades. But ya’ll forget we birthed Jimmy Hendrix and Kurt Cobain. The talent we have here is crazy and deserves way more attention. We’ll get it though. Growing up I mostly kept to myself and didn’t involve myself heavily with the other artists, but as of recently I’ve really been more interested in building with the local talent. Lots of rain means many hours spent inside honing my music skills and writing. Seattle has definitely affected my *vibe*.

What drew you specifically to pop-infused R&B? Are there any other genres you are hoping to break through and make your own?

I’m just naturally drawn to this sound. I spent countless hours absorbing MTV videos as a kid so when I create, it’s all in the back of my head. I love 808s, but I also love harmonies. When you blend it all together, it’s me. I do love the sound of 90’s R&B, and have been playing around with it in private.

Tell us a bit about your future plans (releases, tours, etc.). What’s in store for EMI?

I’m currently finishing my next project, and hope to take that on tour. Music videos are in the works as well. I’m planning on finishing off 2018 strong as fuck.

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