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[HOUSE] MAKJ & Max Styler – “Knock Me Down”

Maybe it’s the endless sunshine or the surf in San Luis Obispo, California that inspires great music, but one thing is for certain-the cheerful, chill little town in California has a knack for breeding some very talented American producers of electronic music. The latest out of SLO is “Knock Me Down,” a massive track from […]

[CONCERT RECAP] Halloween 2013 with Sander van Doorn at The MID

What could be better than Halloween at one of Chicago’s top nightclubs, the MID? Sander van Doorn spinning live, of course! This Halloween, I had the chance to spend quite an eventful evening with one of the world’s leading producers and boy, was it a treat! Flawlessly gliding through a set list full of current […]

[FESTIVAL COVERAGE] TomorrowWorld 2013, Raising The Bar For US Music Festivals

Reading music:   TomorrowWorld is one of those things that is near impossible to describe unless you’ve experienced it for yourself. Even then, to try and put into words the atmosphere, production, sound, and vibes emanating from the international fest is tough. You can’t really compare it to any other music festival in the US, […]