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[FEST NEWS] Bonnaroo 2017: Daily Lineup Breakdown

Photo By: Andrew Jorgensen Today was a good day for upcoming Roo attendees, as Bonnraoo revealed the daily lineup for this year’s music and arts festival in Manchester, Tennessee June 8-11. Since the beginnings of Roo in 2002, the festival’s seen the likes of absolutely legendary rocker and rollers including: Phish, Nine Inch Nails, Radiohead, Paul McCartney, Tool, […]

[FESTIVAL NEWS] Bonnaroo Releases Massive 2017 Lineup

Bonnaroo came out with their 2017 lineup at 8am this morning, and it has a lot of people talking. Depending on who you talk to, you might get widely differing opinions about this years festival in Manchester, Tennesse. Let’s break it down. Top line: The headliners for 2017 include U2 (performing Joshua Tree in it’s entirety,) their […]

[FESTIVAL/PHOTO RECAP] Spring Awakening 2016 Brings the Heat on and off Stage | Weekend Edition

Saturday   Saturday’s excruciatingly high temperatures weren’t the only source of very intense heat, as thankfully, plenty of heat was brought on stage by the many exciting performers. Over at the Electronic stage, local stars Porn and Chicken brought their usually energetic show to an eager crowd of fans actively raging along to the act’s racy […]

[REMIX] Tove Lo – “Moments” (Edits)

Ready for purchase right now through the powerhouse platform that is Universal Sweden, is their latest remix EP. Made up of three unique tracks, a trio of producers have stepped up to remix Swedish sensation Tove Lo’s “Moments.” One of her biggest hits of last year, the track is brought back to life by Seeb, […]

[DARK POP] Urban Cone // Come Back To Me (Redial Remix) + HEALTH// New Coke+ NZCA Lines// Not Strong Enough

Lean myself up against the bathroom sink. Forearms turned in on themselves. Backwards. Red, inflamed knuckles holding on for dear life, losing their breath and looking up at my face to say what the fuck. It’s all a little desperate. Metacarpals making any attempt to grip the counter to counter the little pleads of my […]