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What's up, readers? Kris Kish here - Founder and Editor-in-Chief of The Sights and Sounds. Been doing this music writing thing for 7+ years and loving every opportunity it's brought along. Shoot me an email if you have any suggestions for the website, comments, or if you just want to chat. Cheers!

[FESTIVAL/PHOTO RECAP] How To Cure Jet Lag At A Music Festival (Courtesy Of Woogie Weekend)

It’s 1pm, and I’m on stage at Woogie Weekend acting as middle man in a transaction that involves a group of cute girls in the front row, house music, a handle of vodka, and FDVM. 24 hours ago, I had just woken up in Slovakia. I had just spent 5 weeks traveling through the Eastern […]

[FESTIVAL/PHOTO RECAP] Tips For Surviving Your First International Camping Music Fest

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I’m driving through the middle of Hungary on a two lane highway not recognized by my brand new GPS, looking for VOLT Festival – ranked the country’s best mid-sized music fest – without a clue as to what I will see or do once I arrive. My trunk full of camera and camping equipment, the […]

[QUICK MIX – MELODIC HOUSE] FDVM presents: s u p e r n a t u r a l . 7

Quick Mix. A no fuss curation of superb, long-format mixes so you can get straight to the music you love. Featured photo by: Thibault Palomares, Coachella It’s quite the beautiful day in Slovakia. I know what you’re thinking, though: “Eastern Bloc… nahhh, can’t be.” But the sun is shining, the Wi-Fi is streaming, and the […]

[EXCLUSIVE] Find Out How Envision Festival Creates The Perfect Space For Creative Collaboration

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“Music and art is magic.” -The Human Experience Envision Festival: it’s the perfect tropical gala situated between the ocean and jungle where people from around the world gather to celebrate music, artistry, and humanity. It’s a festival where creativity and unity are the largest focal points. Whether you’re into electronic, dubstep, house, or tribal music; […]

[PREMIERE] HÄANA – “Phavet” (Victorien Remix)

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The world is full of intrigue. Look around and you’ll see for yourself the juxtaposition that survives in every part of the world. It is visual arrest for those looking in the right places – a breathtaking scene for your eyes should they require breathing to function. Remove your headphones and listen to the resounding […]