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HEY, OH WHY YOU LOOKING AT ME ? (AGAINST THE MUSIC) HEY, OH WHY YOU LOOKING AT ME (BABY I CAN USE IT) Look at Grimes. Really, look at her. Look at Janelle Monae. Really, look at her. Nothing about what you see is neutral. Notice I didn’t say nondescript. I said neutral. See, you’re […]

[OP-ED] Grimes Kills Masculinity, Loves Queer Bodies In Kill V Maim Video

MASCULINITY IS TOXIC. Well, let’s correct that. Hypermasculinity. Unchecked male privilege. Those are toxic. Grimes would say even vampiric. Queer masculinities, these days, don’t get a pass either. But we’ll get into that later. Lost in all the talk about cyberpunk and blood orgies and ah, shit, man, this track is a banger for Grimes’ […]


Life is short and if you ever doubt or deny that, you’re fucking kidding yourself, but the joke is on you because time is fleeting and ignorance or denial of its brevity doesn’t slow or stop it, much the opposite – it will continue to throttle forward in absolute disregard of your false notions. Matters […]

[DARK INDIETRONICA/HIP HOP] Grimes- Realiti // Nosaj Thing- Cold Stares

Cold stares. Laptop LED lights make light of the moment. You are dead. They illuminate our four eyes off heart monitors, IV bags, bars.bars.bars.so.many.fucking.bars making up this bed, windows that look out to lower Sukumvhit as it shines back. Back into eyes of cold stares. We’ll leer over the edges of death Not always the […]

[DARK POP/DUBSTEP] Grimes – Go (feat. Blood Diamonds) [Saam Idelji vs. Kavit Sumud Review]

  Grimes released her followup to the groundbreaking Visions with, “Go”, just today. But our two avant-pop writers have vastly different opinions on the single. Check out both and decide who you agree with. Can Kavit Sumud (who loves it) shove his opinion up his piehole or can Saam (who was, uh, less than enthused) just […]