[EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW] On The Phone With Indie Pop Icon RAC

[EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW] On The Phone With Indie-Pop Icon RAC 1

  André Allen Anjos, the mastermind behind RAC, is ready for a break. After touring almost non-stop for 5 years, releasing some of the biggest remixes of the last couple years, as well as writing and recording his debut album, Strangers, this year, he could use some R&R. But don’t worry fans, André isn’t going […]

[CHILLED/HOUSE] RAC ft. Alex Ebert – “Tear You Down” (filous Remix)


  Songs like this are the backbone of my existence. Without them I would feel overwhelmed, overworked and overplayed. There needs to be that moment each day when you sit back, close your eyes and get lost in the depths of your own mind. Filous has blessed us with this beautiful remix of RAC and […]

[TOP SOUNDS] Best of RAC- We Count Down Our Top 7 Sounds

[TOP SOUNDS] Best of RAC- We Count Down Our Top 7 Sounds

  Throw some RAC fans at a pile of his tracks and tell them to ‘grab, grab, grab motherfuckers’ what of his they’d consider best of the best and, surely, you’re going to get as many different lists as there are minds involved. André Allen Anjos, aka RAC of today, is prolific as fuck. That […]

[DARK POP] Grizfolk- Hymnals (RAC Remix)

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  Outside these walls, I’m a criminal. Talking to me is unchaining some kind of monster, an arsonist. I feel like people see me, and they think I’m sitting there on a guardrail over the Brooklyn Bridge, tossing a matchbook in my hand, James Dean style. And I’m just waiting for you to talk to […]

[FESTIVAL PLAYLIST] Tune In To The Sounds Of Electric Forest 2014

[FESTIVAL PLAYLIST] Tune In To The Sounds Of Electric Forest 2014

  It’s the first sold out Electric Forest in the short, yet illustrious run as one of the premiere US festivals to attend each summer. The writer of this article? Yes, it’s my first time. I’m a forest newbie, breaking my EF cherry for the first time, excited beyond belief to finally experience all the […]

[MONTHLY] Ghost Heart Goes Alone: Best of 02.2013


  Photos courtesy of Deptford Goth. CATCH a FREE DOWNLOAD of the tracks featured here by going HERE.<—-Yes, that linky thing. 2014’s been choice thus far in soundtracking my time in the wilderness.  Not actual wilderness;because fuck nature, fuck yo tree, and  fuck  yo mountain.  If I wanted to troll around a place where something […]

[INDIE/POP] RAC ft. Pink Feathers – “Simple Kind Of Life”

[INDIE/POP] RAC ft. Pink Feathers - "Simple Kind Of Life"

  Indie pop’s favorite remixer, RAC, has finally reached one million followers on Soundcloud. That’s quite an accomplishment, but not one I’m surprised to hear about given the popularity that RAC has with his upbeat, sunny sensibilities. In celebration of reaching the landmark, RAC has released a breezy cover of No Doubt‘s “Simple Kind Of […]

[SYNTH/POP] Imagine Dragons – “On Top Of The World” (RAC Mix)

[SYNTH/POP] Imagine Dragons - "On Top Of The World" (RAC Mix)

  Synth-pop remix engineer RAC, who has transformed singles from Phoenix to Moullinex and beyond, has dropped yet another tastefully bouncy slice of sound, re-tooling Imagine Dragons‘ anthemic single “On Top Of The World” into a mellowed out jam perfect for the changing seasons. Cooling off in relation to the the weather, RAC opts for […]

[SYNTH/POP] RAC ft. Kele & MNDR – “Let Go” (Sir Sly Remix)

[SYNTH/POP] RAC ft. Kele & MNDR - "Let Go" (Sir Sly Remix)

  Oh, RAC, how the tables have turned. How does it feel, having someone take your song and throw a juicy remix all over it? Slowed down and synthed up, LA trio Sir Sly takes RAC’s new single “Let Go” and turns it into a dripping late night eargasm. Featuring Kele (of Bloc Party) and […]

[ELECTRO/POP] Ms Mr – “I Still Think Of You” (RAC Remix)


  Remix Artist Collective or better known as RAC has done it again with a fun upbeat dance remix to Ms Mr’s “I Still Think Of You.” Transforming this sassy pop track into a dance anthem. The Portland producer selects fun lyrics to loop consistently throughout the song that will make you sing in about 2.5 […]

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