Clean Spill’s ‘Far Out’ is an Outburst of Surf Rock Excellence

Clean Spill’s ‘Far Out’ is an Outburst of Surf Rock Excellence

Clean Spill’s ‘Far Out’ is an Outburst of Surf Rock Excellence


Looking to drop into a punk rock, power pop fusion? Clean Spill exceeds any and all expectations.

Representing Santa Barbara, California, the four-piece unit is riding the new wave of indie surf music. The rock sub-genre– which has evolved in the past 50 years from conventional styles of The Beach Boys to the more modern sounds of The Growlers— creates a vibe so warm you can almost feel those West Coast sunbeams.


Let it be known that Clean Spill does not fall short of greatness. Check out the band’s latest music video for their track, “Far Out.”


“In the video we strive to convey the feeling of pure meaningless rage. Through the senseless and unwarranted conflict between the story’s characters, we hoped to illuminate the unnecessary strife that exists in everyday situations”

Clean Spill

“Far Out” opens the group’s first full length album, titled Nothing’s on My Mind. As a whole, the track’s composition is a stunning, upbeat debut of the talent Clean Spill brings to the table in the remainder of the body of work. From front-to-back, the album showcases a range of California style guitar riffs and vocality that live up to the hype of the region’s surf rock music craze.

Pat Curren, Cameron Crabtree, Geoff Shea and Charlie Fawcett are the faces behind the jams; this quartet has been catching waves since the grom days. And for readers invested in the surfing community: yes, that does read Curren, as in the son of three-time International Surfing Association world champion Tom Curren.

If this leaves you craving more, as it did for us, listen to the rest of this brilliant group’s work and connect with them on social media.

Clean Spill: Website | Instagram | Twitter | Facebook


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