[DARK POP] Goldroom- Till Sunrise (Box of Wolves Remix)

[DARK POP] Goldroom- Till Sunrise (Box of Wolves Remix)

[DARK POP] Goldroom- Till Sunrise (Box of Wolves Remix)



Rain rippling down these smog stained windows—the steam of our encounter lingering on them, scrubbing and washing away the clearness of my line of sight out.  And I stare placidly towards the West, my eyes  are still but my vision far reaching. I’m in a bit of of a state of loving panic with your legs entwined around me, my head nestled in your chest hair, my eyes peeking out from the crevice of your armpit at the new world appearing.  It’s not just that it’s dawn, but even in the midst of the mist dropping from the sky, there’s a dawn rising in myself.  I can smell your skin and it’s like new life; but not springing from here, not in your sheets (except for what’s below them), not with you.  You smell like my hopes continents and oceans away, my dreams are ‘always a world away’ from this and every moment.

Guilt trembles out of my kiss as I place one on your arm and pull your embrace closer in. Is this real? Did I ask you to stay, to stay to sunrise because I was swelling with a surge of sunlight shooting through the heat of your warm blooded smile? I knew I’d awake to a sunbeam for the first time in years, but it’d be carrying me away from you on it…


So far we’ve stayed out of the fray of the Goldroom Premix of their new single ‘Till Sunrise’ but I think we can finally call a winner, the Box Of Wolves re-imagination by a landslide (Second Place to the New Arcades and a tip o the hat to Justin Faust).  Box of Wolves captures the sensuality of the tenderness of Goldroom’s longing, pleading lyrics perfectly and bathes them in a sea of warm synths until they simmer in perfection.

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