[GOODSEX TIPS] Light Em Up Goes BIG in New Mix

[GOODSEX TIPS] Light Em Up Goes BIG in New Mix

[GOODSEX TIPS] Light Em Up Goes BIG in New Mix


Now I will preface that I typically dislike Big Room House, I mean any self respecting, meme loving, trend following person will tell you that “tech and minimal are much tighter and stuff.”  Honestly though, more often than not, the scene that comes to mind when I think of Big Room House involves one very, very epic synth line that would pair well with the opening of the heavens and a deity of your choice descending through the clouds. Then I got to thinking… even brussels sprouts can taste good if cooked properly.

Light Em Up

PHNM & Zebo aka Light Em Up return to the MixCloud airwaves with another genre specific mix that blows the current paradigm off the genre itself, bringing it back to life like Wendy Peppercorn did to Squints on that pool deck way back when. The mix maintains composure while still bringing the big room feel. This is difficult to do with such an oversaturated market of big electro and big house music. The 30 min power mix is chocked full of crunchy beats and dignified vocal breakdowns that are actually in good taste.

This collection of mixed jams is PERFECT for the dance floor or gym and will make any type of interstellar trip an absolute joy. Also, be sure to keep an eye out for live sets from this duo as they have created an app that allows the audience to choose the musical direction in REAL TIME… what a relief for this ADHD generation of over stimulated Jerry Lewis-es.

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