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[GOODSEX TIPS] Light Em Up Continues the Genre Journey with a Drum n Bass Mixtape

Chicago’s ever growing duo, Light Em Up, has taken it upon themselves to educate Chicago and the rest of their fans on the great big world of genres in electronic music. They have been releasing genre specific mixes as part of this quest to introduce music to this lesser exposed generation of music lovers. Each tape […]

[GOODSEX TIPS] Chicago Duo Light Em Up Brings Chicago Together Through Music

Chicago natives PHNM & Zebo have been working the Chicago music scene like a bag of potatoes on a Navy submarine. With their dynamic ability to rock any crowd over and over again, it is no wonder that they have been the resident openers for almost every big name to come through the city. Light Em Up once […]

[GOODSEX TIPS] Light Em Up Shows the Roots of House Music in Latest Mix

The Chicago native duo, Light Em Up, has time and time again shown us that every genre of music can start a fire. In this edition of their genre based mix series, Classic House,  the boys light up the airwaves with the grooviest collection of house music this side of an Afro Sheen commercial. Don’t get […]

[GOODSEX TIPS] Light Em Up Goes BIG in New Mix

Now I will preface that I typically dislike Big Room House, I mean any self respecting, meme loving, trend following person will tell you that “tech and minimal are much tighter and stuff.”  Honestly though, more often than not, the scene that comes to mind when I think of Big Room House involves one very, […]

[GoodSex Tips] Chicago’s Light Em Up Drop Highly Anticipated Mix

If you are from Chicago and you enjoy things that are fun, you have probably heard of Zebo and PHNM. Both are career Djs/Producers who have been holding down residencies in the City in every area of the music spectrum for the last ten plus years. Zebo teaches many young Djs and aspiring producers the […]