Alex Kosoglaz 2015


Something is wrong with the world; you feel it, you sense it. You don’t quite know what it is but more and more you feel like the days are getting shorter. You’ve spoken to a few people about it over the years and they feel it too. Perhaps, you’re not crazy and you’re not alone. Perhaps, this is why countless ‘greatest of all time’ and best of this and that lists are created every day on every media site, across every art platform and every walk of life. Whether consciously or subconsciously, many of us feel that somehow the end is near.

This very notion is captured in Alex Kosoglaz and John Joshua’s debut offering Out Of Time. The bouncy, piano-driven, melodic track features talented Iowa singer and songwriter SKYLR, who sings about enjoying a final romp in the sack with her lover while the world is about to end.

“We’re running out of time
We’ve only got tonight
I think I heard you say
Oh, baby bombs away”

To put it bluntly she wants to fuck while not giving a fuck. Now, I don’t know about you, but to me, that sounds a bit reckless, especially considering the possibility of an afterlife. We’ve heard this kind of mentality before many-a-times, more specifically in Britney Spears’ 2011 pop hit Till The World Ends where America’s favorite mind control slave sings about dancing and probably a lot more ‘till the world ends.’ Cause you know, the best thing to do before you die is to be more reckless, there are no consequences for our actions, we only have now, and let’s just all fuck it all (or fuck each other, rather). Add a nice house beat underneath all that and let’s all hit the dance floor singing along with our hands in the air! Yay!

“Now we’re dodging all the bright lights
In the dark is where we find our peace of mind
Anytime I miss the sunshine
I just close my eyes and feel the sparks fly

The themes of good vs. evil and light vs. dark are further explored in the second verse of the track when the vocalist sings of “dodging all the bright lights” and finding peace “in the dark.” This could mean one of two things: the two lovers are hiding underground away from war bombs and finding refuge in hiding or “the bright lights” synonymous with ‘the light’ and ‘good’ are being avoided altogether as the protagonist finds more comfort “in the dark” as that is her spiritual state.

Whatever your beliefs are, to all of that I simply say no. Whether you believe in Him or not, no true and fundamentally good higher power would want us to live reckless lives, let alone go out recklessly and spend our last moments in inequity. Are the lyrics to Out Of Time promoting that kind of behavior? I’m not entirely sure, but I’m not hearing anything about falling to your knees and asking for forgiveness before it’s too late. If we truly are running ‘out of time’ why not spend those last moments inspiring and supporting something greater in all of us rather than just our carnal desires? Why not support all that positive things we can be (which are endless) and inspire each other to be something better and greater? Why not give it your all and shout “bombs away” in support of hope, goodness, faith and above all, love (not lust)? Aren’t we more than just our impulses?

In spite of Alex Kosoglaz and Josh Joshua’s outstanding production that took almost two years to complete or the luscious and more club-geared Hoxton Whores remixes, it’s important to remember what ideology we are subscribing to, no matter how small or “innocent” it may seem. After all, we are influenced by everything around us, whether we like it or not. The dance floor is no different.


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