Retro Kid Premieres “Neon Colours” As First Track Off Debut Album

Retro Kid Premieres “Neon Colours” As First Track Off Debut Album

Retro Kid Premieres “Neon Colours” As First Track Off Debut Album


Make your Friday a little more vibrant by giving Retro Kid’s “Neon Colours” a listen.

The track is a sneak peek of upcoming album, “Nordic Noir.” This introductory release manifests a dreamy aura that leaves us with anticipation for a promising debut LP.

England-born producer Jake Juba makes the beats for the four-member group, who are based in the animated city of Copenhagen. Fruity vocals by Christian Devantier Larsen and Christiane Karoline Kjærgaard create a soothing dynamic to Juba’s analogue kit and Frederik Bjørn’s 909 drum machine. Together, the band explores the realms of electronic pop in a melancholy funk.

The synths in “Neon Colours” transmit a futuristic vibe in contrast to the outfit’s retro energy. On Souncloud, it’s described that the track conveys the feel of Juba’s top choice Danish smokey pub, called Cafe Malmö. It’s an alleged scene; a basement bar where creatures of the night jam out to Fleetwood Mac blaring off a jukebox.

“Unfortunately, times are changing and the old fruitful barflies have gone. What remains is the hipster youth preaching about how nostalgic they feel when listening to songs older than they are.” —Retro Kid

Keep an eye out for “Nordic Noir,” which is planned to be released before the end of 2018. To stay tuned for the album drop and more tracks like “Neon Colours,” follow Retro Kid’s social media accounts:

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Featured photo by animator Nica Harrison


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