Sleepdealer And Nohidea Join Lo-Fi Forces For ‘Nowhere’ Album

Sleepdealer And Nohidea Join Lo-Fi Forces For ‘Nowhere’ Album

Sleepdealer And Nohidea Join Lo-Fi Forces For ‘Nowhere’ Album


Tune out and enjoy the ride along sleepdealer and nohidea’s “Nowhere” LP. Driven with a laidback hip-hop beat, the thirteen pieces flow consistently despite a digression of individual aspects.

“This project has been in progress for the past 6 months. It’s been picked up and put back down again through all different kinds of emotional turmoil and changes. Some of it is weird, and some of it will hit you where it hurts,” noideah posted on Facebook when previewing the album.

This enterprise was partially produced on an SP-404 portable power-sampler. The vintage-sounding quality of lo-fi mixes always reminds me of classic holiday tunes, so “Nowhere” dropped in perfect time to act as a soundtrack to this cold winter.  The simplicity of the collaboration as a whole creates a vibey atmosphere that leaves fans feeling a little warmer inside.

Sleepdealer and nohidea would send tracks back and forth before the finalizing their writing, processing, and layering. You can expect to hear some samples from old soul and Latin jazz records, but nohidea impressively wrote a lot of the music himself.

“The interlude ‘here, now’ was created from some samples on my hard drive from my field recorder,” he told The Sights and Sounds, “and then I wrote the violin overtop as melodic reinforcement.” 

While the collaboration takes twists and turns between ambient chimes, tender keyboard melodies, and eerie snippets of children’s laughter; the variety of presented sounds complement each other’s own unique characteristics. To give the album some international flair, madrob_beats from Japan and shogonodo from France put some work into their own features on “Nowhere.”

“[Shogondo] wrote the main Wurlitzer Melody and the bass melody, and I wrote all of the other melodic elements,” nohidea said in regards to the album’s outro.

Here’s the tracklist:
1. pause [intro]
2. psilocybin
3. blunt
4. brain food
5. smoke
6. would (w. naoki rob murakami)
7. here, now [interlude]
8. sway
9. nero
10. forward
11. coming home
12. pastel
13. arise (w. shogondo) [alternate ver.]

It’s unknown if we can expect more collaborations between the two in the future, but for now we have the excellence within “Nowhere” to enjoy. You can check out sleepdealer and nohidea’s personal work through their social media below.

sleepdealer: Spotify | Twitter | Facebook
nohidea: Spotify | Twitter | Facebook


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