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Burning Man Releases Ticketing Timeline And Temple Design For 2018

Burning Man has announced its theme for the 2018 edition and its something entirely unexpected. In a move that is much more loosely defined than in recent years, the festival teased that their newest theme would play off the idea of Isaac Asimov’s 1950 collection of sci-fi shorts, I, ROBOT. Playa themes tend to be more open […]

These 30+ Burning Man Photos Capture The True Beauty Of Humanity

By this time of year, your friends’ Burning Man photos are a dime a dozen. But photographer Matan Tzinamon photos go above and beyond a simple snapshot in time. When it comes to festival photography and portraits, capturing the ‘essence’ of a human can be a challenging endeavor. I know because I’ve been doing it […]

[FESTIVAL RECAP] Why Burning Man Wouldn’t Be The Same If It Didn’t Make You Uncomfortable

Do you think Burning Man was purposefully created to be uncomfortable? Despite the tons of pillows and pads for our cuddle puddles, the air conditioned yurts, the truckloads of ice and alcohol, and enough electricity to power a small metropolis, the thought that Burning Man can be a relaxing vacation away from the daily grind […]