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How Life is Beautiful 2017 Re-imagines Eclecticism

  Life is a perpetual reel of many things and we’ve been well acquainted with all the days it has to offer. The days that leave us feeling dismantled followed by the ones that delicately piece us back together. Life is all the clichés that I may or may not refrain from using. It is […]

[EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW] Lucent Dossier Experience’s Artistic Director Pulls Back The Creative Curtains

Blazing fires, dancing mystics, flying aerialists, weird telephone calls, steampunk madness, and jaw-dropping acrobatics – if you haven’t witnessed Lucent Dossier Experience with your own two eyes, you’re totally missing out. Loosely translating to “a collection of glowing light”, Lucent Dossier is half cirque troupe, half musical experience, and fully mind-blowing. The brainchild of performer/artistic […]

[EXCLUSIVE GIVEAWAY] Celebrate 50 Years Of The Beatles Coming To America With Free Gear From Cirque Du Soleil

It’s been 50 years since the legendary foursome of John, Paul, George and Ringo stepped foot onto American soil, forever changing the landscape of music as we know it. Thousands of artists we hear on the radio everyday have been influenced by The Beatles and millions more have been touched by their powerfully emotive lyrics […]