[EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW] Lucent Dossier Experience’s Artistic Director Pulls Back The Creative Curtains

[EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW] Lucent Dossier Experience’s Artistic Director Pulls Back The Creative Curtains

[EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW] Lucent Dossier Experience’s Artistic Director Pulls Back The Creative Curtains


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Blazing fires, dancing mystics, flying aerialists, weird telephone calls, steampunk madness, and jaw-dropping acrobatics – if you haven’t witnessed Lucent Dossier Experience with your own two eyes, you’re totally missing out. Loosely translating to “a collection of glowing light”, Lucent Dossier is half cirque troupe, half musical experience, and fully mind-blowing. The brainchild of performer/artistic director Dream Rockwell, Lucent is a spinoff from Southern California’s The Do LaB, an art collective and event-creation company of which Rockwell is also a founder. She started Lucent after meeting and being inspired by Brent “Shrine” Spears (the creative responsible for the interior design of the House of Blues) and the 2008 Burning Man Temple.

With a brand new Lucent show unveiled this year and a bouncing baby boy just brought into this world, Dream is hard at work powerfully creating the world in which she wants to live in. Despite the new mom’s busy schedule, Dream took a few moments from her family time to answer a few of our questions; and if we’re guessing correctly, she may have just unveiled a collaboration with Cirque Du Soleil at Burning Man next month. But you’ll just have to keep reading to find out:

The Sights And Sounds: Hi Dream! How’s your day going? Where are you currently answering these questions from?

Dream Rockwell: I’m having the most beautiful day today. I’m at my mom’s house in Muskoka, Ontario, Canada. Visiting family and introducing them all to my new son. We’ve been hanging at the cottage doing lots of boating and swimming.

The Sights And Sounds: Lucent Dossier Experience is quite stunning artistically. Where do you guys pull your visual inspiration from?

Dream Rockwell: A lot of the original visuals were inspired by the nature of my hometown in Canada. That and old school Burning Man.

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The Sights And Sounds: Is it a group effort or is there an art director in charge?

Dream Rockwell: It is a group effort and I am the Artistic Director, so both. I like to lead in a unique way, everyone is involved in the creative process. We create together. I hold the vision and the core team together but everyone has a powerful voice and I encourage them to us it. I always have an assistant director who really gets to bring their voice to the table. For this summer tour it’s Jen Shields, she’s been with Lucent for about 6 years and she’s absolutely brilliant. All our tech is handled by another long time Lucent member Rajiv Jain, he’s creative and organized and a force to be reckoned with on stage.

The Sights And Sounds: Lucent Dossier Experience gets to travel and perform at amazing locations and festivals. What does it mean to be living the life that you are? Is there anything else you wish you could be doing?

Dream Rockwell: I am living it. We are so lucky. We do forget from time to time but we’re super lucky. I am a new mom on top of it all and that pretty much is the icing on the cake for me.

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The Sights And Sounds: What would life be like without music?

Dream Rockwell: A little more difficult.

The Sights And Sounds: What is your experience of how music affects us as human beings?

Dream Rockwell: It brings joy. It gives us an arena to release emotion. It makes us feel connected to one another.

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The Sights And Sounds: If you could write a letter today and somehow manage to mail it back in time to when you were just starting out, what would you tell your younger self?

Dream Rockwell: ‘Don’t you worry ‘bout a thing, every little thing was gonna be alright.’

The Sights And Sounds: Will we ever see a collaboration between Lucent Dossier Experience x Cirque du Soleil? Because that shit would be amazing! 🙂

Dream Rockwell: A collaboration would be super fun. Interesting because we have done a number of their opening parties, they hire us to entertain their guests at the private before and after parties. Maybe one day a true collaboration will happen… maybe at Burning Man this summer….

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