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[HOUSE] Claire Guerreso & Deepend – “I’m Just A Skipping Stone”

Catching a release through Ultra Music right now is “I’m Just A Skipping Stone”, the brand new single from Claire Guerreso and Deepend. Taking the original tune “Skipping Stones” from the Nashville hailing songstress, production pairing Deepend make it their own with a beautifully crafted deep house edit. Those hazy, almost ethereal tones of Guerreso are […]

[DEEP HOUSE] July Child – “When You Call” (Deepend remix)

I’ll never quite understand the intrinsic pull that one human being can feel toward another. Science has attributed it to genetic chemistry and pheromones, those of a more spiritual orientation call it finding a soulmate, and people like me…don’t even try to explain it. Some things, in my opinion, are not meant to be over-analyzed […]