[DEEP HOUSE] July Child – “When You Call” (Deepend remix)

[DEEP HOUSE] July Child – “When You Call” (Deepend remix)

[DEEP HOUSE] July Child – “When You Call” (Deepend remix)


I’ll never quite understand the intrinsic pull that one human being can feel toward another. Science has attributed it to genetic chemistry and pheromones, those of a more spiritual orientation call it finding a soulmate, and people like me…don’t even try to explain it. Some things, in my opinion, are not meant to be over-analyzed until there is no trace of their original mystery left; some things are meant to be left wild and untouched, accepted not because of their ability to be given a traceable source, but preserved for being mysterious and yet completely innate. Even Superman had Kryptonite, and so too do we–they give us an inch, we take a mile because all we need is someone to show a little faith in us, a belief that we are worthy of their affection and some part of them wants to stay instead of run.

London duo Kiks and Amber Clara, better known as July Child, perfectly describes this phenomenon in “When You Call.” The track pairs yearning lyrics with Amber’s haunting vocals and makes for a perfect rainy-night companion, then Deepend takes it a step further by adding piano chords and mellow but groovy backbeats for a fresh, more uptemo version of the original. It’s the sort of track that you start off listening to in tears and end up belting your heart out to in some kind of musical catharsis. I’ve had this song on repeat for the past few days and I’m not even going through any sort of romantic crisis!

“When You Call” was released on Armada‘s innovative new brainchild The Bearded Man, which is described on their Soundcloud page as a “label is for music that’s completely ‘outside the box’, and the word ‘genre’ doesn’t mean anything here.” The Bearded Man features releases from promising up-and-coming artists, spanning genres from deep house to pop to heavier electronic. I absolutely love the concept of this branch-off label and I’m a huge fan of many tracks they have released thus far. I’m hoping that we will be treated to more from July Child‘s premier album, Liquid Form, upon its release.

Download “When You Call” on iTunes or just replay the link below again and again.


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