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Imagine All The “Evil People” Have Disappeared With Lycio’s Hypnotic Single

It’s hard to imagine there are “Evil People” in the world with music this good. Perhaps if all the evil was drenched in music akin to Lycio, things would begin to change. Maybe they already have, reflected in lead singer Mendez’ contemplative and piercing lyrics. “Evil People” brings an upbeat dance sensibility that contrasts its […]

Me Not You Catches A Glimpse Of Happy “Everafter” In New Single

Is it what is said or not said that cuts deepest? The emotions building up inside are about to crack the dam, spewing forth all it’s held back. “i’m sick of dropping words like quiet bombs and sighs that’ll cut like a kitchen knife” Perhaps there’s one thing I’ve learned in the American climate today […]

[ELECTRONIC] Smallpools – “Mason Jar” (Grouplove & Captain Cuts Remix)

Like holding hands while jumping into the deep end, Grouplove and Captain Cuts have teamed up to tackle the anything-but-shallow Smallpools. Making waves since the release of their self titled debut EP, Smallpools has taken over the LA indie-pop scene, having recently played a sold out show at the infamous Troubadour. Taking their single “Mason […]