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[END OF YEAR] Chicago Producers Look Back & Pick Their Favorite Tracks Of 2017

Your favorite Chicago producers are back again, recapping their favorite sounds from 2017. As we do every year at this time, The Sights And Sounds asked some of Chicago’s favorite music producers to share their favorite tracks from the previous year. The seventeen artists making choices this year claim a wide range of electronic music […]

[GOODSEX TIPS] Milk N Cooks Back on the Hype Machine Charts and Ready for Love

– HEART this on Hype Machine HERE – If the present moment can be reached, you will feel a rush of peace that will take you over and a wave of serenity that will become a blanket of protection against this busy world of deadlines and opinions. Just take a deep breath and understand that everything […]

[GOODSEX TIPS] Milk N Cooks Drop Debut EP

  Chicago twin producer duo, Milk N Cooks, has dropped their first EP and I have to say I am quite impressed. The four track cookie collection, simply named Decisions, does an excellent job of defining the dynamic musical vibe that Milk N Cooks has been building since their beginning. While each track differs in tone, […]

[TRAP] Chicago’s GoodSex Releases First Original Single

GoodSex is a name easily recognized in the Chicago electronic music community. In addition to contributing regularly to Sights And Sounds in the form of GoodSex Tips, the versatile DJ/producer can be found at countless clubs around the city in any given week. He’s also played at local festivals, including Spring Awakening and Freaky Deaky last year. Following […]