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[TECHNO] This Week In Techno: Mixes From Joseph Capriati, Adam Beyer, Mad Villains, and More

As summer comes to a close, the dark cold reality of winter begins to set in. Masses of ravers find themselves exchanging frequent outdoor festivals for basements and abandoned warehouses. While many opt for a night at a club or a bar, some are more than happy to dance in the dark. There is just something invigorating […]

[QUICK MIX – HOUSE/TECHNO] Listen to Billy Kenny’s Pre EDC Mix

Billy Kenny has been a force in the world of G House music. Known mainly by sexual hip-hop vocal samples, booty shaking bass lines, and unpredictable percussions, G house has been received quite fondly by those who love to get down. Claude Von Stroke’s Dirtybird record label has been on the forefront of the G […]

[GOODSEX TIPS] Rj Pickens Clears the Air with a Fresh New Mix

Chicago native Rj Pickens has been gracing the club and event circuit with quality tracks, inventive mixing and overall good vibes. This week he released a Podcast on Godzilla Disco. This mix is fresh and will have you tapping your foot and bobbing  your head in no time. Riddled with eclectic vocals and crunchy beats, the […]

[MINIMAL/DARK] degrade.LA Vibe Series: 007 – Kelly Dean [.dread]

Our friends over at degrade.LA in sunny Los Angeles have been super busy lately – releasing monthly mixes and throwing fresh, new events in Hollywood every month highlighting emerging DJs through various colors and vibes as the theme. If you’re in the City of Angels, be sure to RSVP to their next Paint By Numbers […]