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Tipling Rock Are Looking For Something New In “TMSN”

I’m trying, babe, can you tell me something new? Don’t blame me, love, it’s sometimes hard to get it right. Don’t be so hard on me – can’t you see I want to be better? I’m trying, trying all the time. Can’t you give me a line to hang on to? Plucky guitar and a […]

Modern Me Let’s Go In Upbeat Indie-Rock Single “Dead To Me”

You stood out to me. You were a mystery. Now you’re out of my life and you’re “Dead To Me”. Dead to me, but not forgotten. How else to let go of the emotion holding me down? Irony in itself, looking back in the act of trying not to look back. Singing helps, it seems. […]

Foresteater Is A Mess On The Inside, But You Would Never Know With Latest Single

The latest single from Foresteater is a dreamy, yet emotional track that will help you get through your life’s “Avalanche”. The psychedelic, indie rock vibes of “Avalanche” comes to no surprise, as Forester was “created in 2015 after a dream [Mikey Pro] had about ‘A band playing on an island in outer space, surrounded by […]

[ELECTRO/POP ROCK] Mansions on the Moon – “It’s Not Too Late”

Specializing in electronic down-tempo and ambient rock, Los Angeles based Mansions on the Moon have dropped a delicious new piece of chilled out ear candy with “It’s Not Too Late.” Winning over music fans and fellow artists with their mesmerizing arrangements, creative remixes and wide range of musical capabilities, MOTM has is poised to end […]