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imi Paints With Sound In Dramatic Synthwave Single “Margins”

Juxtaposing delicate vocals with roaring synths, imi paints a bold and colorful soundscape in “Margins”. Blue waves of sound come crashing down around you as brilliant red flashes of white and yellow light pelt your visual cortex. Music morphs, color changes, and finding the edge between b-flat and navy blue is getting quite difficult. A […]

[SYNTH/TRAP] Taylor Swift- I Knew You Were Trouble (APSPDR+ Cover)

What’s initially remarkable about this song–and it’s tragic that I even have to mention this, but get ready for a classic “Kavit Throwing the Hammer Down” moment—but APSPDR+ didn’t feel the need to alter the song’s gender narrative, and sang it with such sincerity regardless that you really feel it in your loins. I’m contemptuous of musicians who feel the […]