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This New Justin Jay Single Is ‘Stuck In My Head’

Justin Jay just made the Fantastic Voyage that much more fantastic with his new single, ‘Stuck In My Head,’ featuring Benny Bridges on guitar.     The song was written, sung, and produced by Justin; exposing a raw, more vulnerable side that is also evident in recent releases like ‘Can’t Hang.’ Though the track takes on a more minimal […]

Musical Friends With Benefits

You’re sitting in the back seat of your buddy’s packed car. You may not have gotten shotgun, but nobody has claimed the auxiliary chord. You plug in. Hit play. And wait.     Like a comedian smirking behind the anticipation of his punch line, you grin as the inaugural song builds. Knowing damn well that […]

Look What We Found Here: A Final Tier Of Passes For Oregon Eclipse 2017!

With a total solar eclipse inbound, is there even a need for the stars to align? The answer it moot, yet here we are with a cosmic courtesy brought to us just in time for Oregon Eclipse 2017: a final tier of passes!     Promptly proceeding Symbiosis Gathering 2016, a Super Duper Early Bird ticket offering […]

Exclusive Interview: CloZee Speaks Universality & Arriving At Inspiration

The formative mind of French DJ/producer Chloé Herry, otherwise known as CloZee, is not reducible to a mere collection of songs. Through the art of collaboration, inspiration, and recreation, she seeks to share her creativity in all aspects of expression. Based out of Toulouse, France and speaking primarily French, CloZee demonstrates the true universality of […]

Prohibition Repealed at Northern Nights Music Festival

  The connoisseurs up in Northern California are paving a new path regarding the stigma behind recreational marijuana use. Northern Nights will be expanding last year’s Medical Marijuana Zone and erecting a state-of-the-art “Tree Lounge” in their continued efforts to celebrate the repeal of marijuana prohibition.   Perhaps you don’t know about Northern Nights Music Festival (NNMF). If that’s […]