[TICKET GIVEAWAY] I’m a Bad Kid: Why New York’s #badDAYCLUB really is BETTER, BIGGER, and BADDER.

Stage 48

 “You look like a ‘Bad Kid’.” Basically the greatest compliment ever. But I’m referring specifically to ‘Bad Kids Collective’, the dance music lifestyle brand that has taken the New York/Philly areas by storm, known today for its unrivaled events, unique activation tactics, and thought-leadership within the biggest music movement of our generation. Aside from the […]

[ELECTRONIC] St. Patrick’s Weekend Party Playlist

St Patricks Weekend Party Playlist

Happy St. Patrick’s Weekend. I hope you got some big plans for the next couple of days, because I know everyone in Chicago is going to be getting a little crazy and going Chi-rish. So in celebration of this great time, I have picked out a few songs that will get your weekend party up […]

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