[FESTIVAL] A&B Bring The Best Of Anjunabeats & Ajunadeep Together For Special Miami Music Showcase

[FESTIVAL] A&B Bring The Best Of Anjunabeats & Ajunadeep Together For Special Miami Music Showcase

[FESTIVAL] A&B Bring The Best Of Anjunabeats & Ajunadeep Together For Special Miami Music Showcase


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Written by Chelsea Burka & Emily Schade

Here’s a #TBT for you: when your newly made friends send you the Above & Beyond’s ASOT set from Ultra 2013; you come to realize all five of you were there dancing in the crowd, as strangers; and you’re about to see Above and Beyond together – tonight – for their exclusive Miami Week Performance, three years later. Chills.

Miami Music Week 2016 has finally arrived, and with it the usual overwhelming inflow of competing parties and events, including Above & Beyond’s (and friends) performance at the architecturally distinguished RC Cola Plant in Wynwood.

As any Miami Music Week veteran knows, Above & Beyond has always hosted renowned pre-Ultra parties, but this year they’re taking a fresh approach to giving you the feels.  The roster for their showcase pairs noteworthy artists from both the deep house and uplifting progressive sides of the spectrum together, such as Yotto vs. Grum, although “versus” might be a harsh word for this crowd. The Anjunadeep label has solidified the traction it gained in the “deep house” movement a couple of years ago, and their strong presence at this year’s show indicates they are here to stay.  We’ll undoubtedly be treated to the best of both worlds tomorrow night as A&B and their favorite artists guide us from the groovy depths to the euphoric highs.  

In an era where minimal House and her blase older brother, Techno, reign supreme, you may say trance and deep house is on its way out; I’ll say you chase what’s popular in lieu of what actually moves you. Don’t get me wrong, I love the pulsating heartbeat throbs of techno just as much as the next chick,  but I still crave the genre that made me fall in love with electronic music in the first place, and long for the nights where the music alone brought your emotions to the surface, uncovering lost parts of yourself submerged under the facades and masks we put on each day.

Numb yourself, it’s easier than to feel. We see vulnerability as a sign of weakness, hesitant to reach out for human connection in fear of rejection. But I see the willingness to open yourself to others as you truly are–a sign of true strength.

So on this Thursday evening, March 17, of Miami Music Week, you will find me and my friends at the RC Cola Plant. We’ll be the ones dancing our hearts out, not as if we never knew fear, insecurity or despair – but in spite of it, choosing to find the beauty in life in spite of falls and losses. In the words of Above & Beyond, you’ll find us on our way to heaven – and we hope you join us.

Tickets are almost sold out – you can grab the last ones here.



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