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Atlanta Rapper, Obeah, Brings Back Two Track Vinyl Release with Way Up/Vibe Catcher

Atlanta Rapper, Obeah, Brings Back Two Track Vinyl Release with Way Up/Vibe Catcher Submission from guest contributor Louis Fagelson Co-signed by Chuck D, there’s no reason for you to miss this project. Click this link to check out the two track project on Soundcloud or on Spotify here. Bringing back the two track vinyl release, […]

Bass Physics Drops Heartfelt Remix of Colin and Caroline’s “More Than Gravity”

Putting his signature twist on Colin and Caroline’s “More Than Gravity”, Bass Physics’ new remix maintains the light-hearted acoustics of the track while giving it a wavy, uplifting electric feel. The track tells the story of two lovers that have strong reservations about committing themselves to each other, but end up realizing there is no […]

Daily Bread Launches New Album “Navigator, Standby” at the Cervantes Ballroom

Daily Bread got the spot toasty at Cervantes Masterpiece Ballroom on Thursday, May 2nd to celebrate the release of his new album, Navigator, Standby. DB was joined on the bill by a powerhouse of artists including Supervision, Mux Mool, and Guggenz. Navigator, Standby is available to listen to today; the collection of tracks is the […]

SunSquabi Drops New Animalistic Album “Instinct”

These guys aren’t human… Following the release of the three-track series “Caterpillar,” “Chrysalis,” and “Night Moth”, Instinct catches the Squab squad in full stride. By transforming jams from their live shows into full-length tracks, the ingenuity on this project leaves little to be desired. The SunSquabi trio is made up of Kevin Donohue (Guitar/Production), Josh […]

Denver Electronica Band Tnertle Talks ‘Burning Down the Sun’, West Coast Run and A Brief History of the Band

Playing to their strengths over an array of emotion-driven tracks, Denver live electronica group Tnertle brings the heat with their new album Burning Down The Sun . Pulling from a wide range of genres and styles, Trent Campbell’s brainchild Tnertle has delivered an excellent project sonically capturing the tale of a turtle named Enzo on […]