Atlanta Rapper, Obeah, Brings Back Two Track Vinyl Release with Way Up/Vibe Catcher

Atlanta Rapper, Obeah, Brings Back Two Track Vinyl Release with Way Up/Vibe Catcher


Atlanta Rapper, Obeah, Brings Back Two Track Vinyl Release with Way Up/Vibe Catcher

Submission from guest contributor Louis Fagelson

Co-signed by Chuck D, there’s no reason for you to miss this project.

Click this link to check out the two track project on Soundcloud or on Spotify here.

Bringing back the two track vinyl release, Atlanta rapper Obeah is adding a solid addition to his disco with Way Up/Vibe Catcher (Mid 90’s), via Philos Records. The lyrics are written and performed by Obeah, with beats supplied by ATL producer Niles, featuring artwork by Chuck D of Public Enemy, and lettering designed by E.Pesante. The project is a piece of art from its album design to its song writing.

“[Obeah has] sharp, precise vocals, razor-like tone and enormous wit. He chops vocals like sushi,” Chuck D said about working with Obeah. The pair have collaborated on many artistic endeavours.

Track one, Way Up, kicks off with an eerie piano chord progression leading into a smooth hook. The energy of this track gives you that feeling of endless opportunity regardless of what’s going on in the world right now.

Take off goin way up, way up in the sky.

Can’t kill my vibe with the fake stuff, b**** I’d like to see you try

Pretty girl no makeup, sitting by side.

Where’s the night gonna take us? Oh my my my

Verse one flexes the thought that we don’t need substances to enjoy life and each other’s company. I respect when rappers go against the grain of glorifying substance abuse and can normalize drug-free situations. The dynamic rhythm shift halfway through the first verse was a welcome surprise and helped keep the verse interesting.

The hook comes back in before bridging to verse two. Verse two is overall an ode to Obeah’s special lady. Expressing his pleasure in the fact that the world, while crazy, is theirs to explore and enjoy.

“Both of these songs, written during the same period of time when Niles sent me a bunch of beats, are about different types of escapism. Way Up is more about escaping with a lover away from the daily grind, while Vibe Catcher is more about solitude and checking out from society for self reflection, self love, and healing,” Adam Venable, known as Obeah, described the tracks.

Vibe Catcher gets going with a catchy guitar progression .The song radiates positive energy. The first verse gives off strong “visualize your success” vibes. Obeah’s dedication to his music shines through early on in this one.

It’s crazy what you can make pop if you believe

Focus all the energy and manifest dreams

I would be lying if I said I didn’t feel more hopeful for the future after spinning this one. Vibe Catcher inspires you to look in the mirror and put serious thought towards what you want to accomplish in life. The hook holds up the theme of the song, and captures the essence of the vinyl release –

Racing but I’m taking my time.

In the zone, but they can’t find me

Sorry but I’m going offline

Rapping like it’s the mid 90s

More love for his girl coming through in verse two. Obeah speaks to the importance of holding down promises and keeping the relationship exciting. Pokemon bars always get extra points from my side in reference to that Pikachu bar. All in all, the flow and direction of this song are on point and keeps the song engaging throughout. I’m a big fan of the lofi outro – the wavy distortion on top of the drums gives this a powerful ending.

If you’re a fan of the project, you can cop the vinyl HERE

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Catch Obeah’s upcoming livestream for the Free Peachtree Project on Sat. Aug. 1st


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