Interview: Alfiya Glow on Recent “Lost and Found” Single Release, Quarantine & More

Interview: Alfiya Glow on Recent “Lost and Found” Single Release, Quarantine & More

Interview: Alfiya Glow on Recent “Lost and Found” Single Release, Quarantine & More


World renowned electric violinist Alfiya Glow recently teamed up with renowned vocalist Sarah De Warren on the electrifying new dance music single “Lost in Found.” Glow who has become widely known for her powerful electronic music productions and mesmerizing violin instrumentation further impresses with her prodigious work with her most recent single release. Her enormous talents are equally matched by De Warren’s ethereal and passionate vocals.

Read this interview to find out more about the mega talented female producer and instrumentalist, her response to COVID-19, and what she has in store for the future.

This song is the epitome of collaboration in a Covid-19 world. What were some challenges you faced while composing a single with a vocalist from across the globe?

I get this question often. When we decided to collaborate I thought it would be challenging for that same reason. Not trying to seem arrogant 🙂 but I feel that we didn’t face any challenges with this particular track; the collaboration process was smooth, I did my thing and Sarah did hers.

How do you think music production will be affected in a post Covid-19 world?

I believe that Covid woke us up in many ways. I know it did for me. My feeling is that music production will become more authentic to each individual producer, more boldness, less fear of not fitting into the industry or genre grid. We will possibly see a birth of new genres. I also feel that we will see more unity in the industry and a lot of collaborations worldwide.

Did you have any touring plans that were affected by the shut down of the entertainment business?

Yeah, right before the quarantine I was supposed to have two shows at Miami Music Week. Sarah was going to fly in from London as well and perform our new track with me, which I was so looking forward to. But I’m learning to let it go when things don’t go as planned.

What are your thoughts on the music industry taking livestreaming by storm in a quarantine world?

I feel that it depends on each individual artist’s intention behind doing live streams: is it “claustrophobic” fear of not staying relevant or is it a burning desire to uplift spirits with music? I believe it is all about intention, anything we do out of love and pure desire is healing for a person who does it and people who receive it on the other end. 

How have you coped with maintaining your music career during quarantine?

To be honest once the quarantine was announced I took it as a sign to slow down and review my priorities in music and life in general. As well I used the opportunity to rethink which direction I want to move music wise, produce, and plan new releases. 

What are your plans for 2020, 2021, and beyond?

Creating and releasing new original music till the end of the year, and having faith the entertainment industry will restart at some point soon as I look forward to playing shows and connecting with people through live performance all over the world.

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Listen to “Lost and Found” Below.


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