Checo & Magic Mullet Spread the Good Vibes with ‘Palo Santo’

Checo & Magic Mullet Spread the Good Vibes with ‘Palo Santo’

Checo & Magic Mullet Spread the Good Vibes with ‘Palo Santo’


One of today’s hottest up and coming producers is no other than Miami’s Checo. Following a slew of successful releases, he recently released his high vibe electronic single “Palo Santo.” Brilliantly fusing deep house beats with anthemic piano and super smooth, infectious vocals from Web 3/NFT artist The Magic Mullet (of the Doodle Community). This is one of Magic Mullet’s first ever traditional streaming releases which could certainly lead to more appearances in that realm down the line.

“Palo Santo” captivates its audience from the start. The intoxicating melody immediately grabs its listeners and continues to hold their attention with its catchy hooks and wave of overwhelmingly positive energy. “Palo Santo” has the feeling of riding down a highway screaming at the top of your lungs simply because you are having the best summer of your life. Simultaneously, it’s also the perfect song for a summer pool party. With its brilliant combination of emotive lyrics and strong piano presence, “Palo Santo” is a must-listen for the summer of 2022.

Looking ahead, Checo has a lot of things in the works coming up in terms of performances, music and his other NFT related content. With many exciting appearances and a slate of performances scheduled for the not so distant future, Checo’s upwards trajectory should only continue as we approach the end of 2022 leading into 2023.

Listen to “Palo Santo” Featuring Magic Mullet.

“The world feels crazier and crazier every day and music continues to be a momentary escape for so many. And even though music is limitless in the feelings it can provoke, sometimes I just want to keep it simple and feel good – which is what Palo Santo is really about – nothing complex, just a song to make people feel good at any moment wherever they are.” —Checo

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