Dannii Minogue Makes A Welcome Return To Pop With Sia-Penned ‘Galaxy!’

Dannii Minogue Makes A Welcome Return To Pop With Sia-Penned ‘Galaxy!’

Dannii Minogue Makes A Welcome Return To Pop With Sia-Penned ‘Galaxy!’


Oh, 2017 you’re full of twists and turns, and out-of-the-left surprises! While most artists are wrapping up the year by focusing on the their past achievements, seemingly out of nowhere comes Australian singer, actress, club diva, fashion designer, and legend in her own right, Dannii Minogue with the Sia-penned dance pop banger! Complete with elements of 90’s piano house and a breakdown bridge, the track marks a solid come back for the pop star, whose voice is sounding pretty great considering her ten year long absence from the pop landscape.

The 46 year-old singer has been staying busy over the last decade by famously judging The X Factor UK, Australia’s Got Talent, Britain & Ireland’s Next Top Model, and more recently, Let It Shine, amongst others, in addition to running her fashion label Project D and releasing a club track here and there, but hasn’t released an official single since 2007.

Galaxy was written by Sia to be included on her last album but didn’t make the cut. It was given to Minogue by Sia’s manager when she was looking for recording studios in LA. “Sending my version of the song to Sia was really nerve-wrecking, but she really liked it,” Minogue said in a statement.

As these days, she is more focused on being a great mom to her seven year-old son Ethan and releasing music without the hassle of a big record company she added,“I need everything to revolve around me having a life, being a mother and home time. Galaxy is about feeling the joy and the happiness.”

Although, the sound of the track may not appeal to younger audiences, Galaxy is undoubtedly one of Minogue’s bolder recordings. It doesn’t follow current trends, but instead, focuses on the continuing 90’s nostalgia that has worked quite well for artists such as Duke Dumont or Katy Perry in recent years. Will the formula work for Dannii? Only time will tell, but the single is definitely a refreshing alternative to the current overkill of dancehall and tropical house-inspired tunes that have plagued dance pop to no end.

Aussie fans of the artist will get a chance to see her perform it live as she is opening for Take That on their arena tour this month. Check out Danni looking stunning in the video below or buy the track on iTunes here!

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