[DARK/MELODIC TRAP] Bronze Whale- Weird Dark Things ft. Khai

[DARK/MELODIC TRAP] Bronze Whale- Weird Dark Things ft. Khai

[DARK/MELODIC TRAP] Bronze Whale- Weird Dark Things ft. Khai



Oh, that moment when a song fuses like symbiosis with your soul. It’s so sudden, and unexpected. I live for it, but I only feel it about ten times a year even after thousands of songs filter through my ears a month.  “Weird Dark Things” is one of those tracks. It makes my overly loquacious mind drop silent and keeps the tension stuttering in my heart before shoving the floodgates open in what I can only describe as ‘getting to the real, inspirational fucking stuff within’. You know, all that you love about yourself but that bitterness keeps hidden lest the surge of sympathy for yourself synths like this induce wash all your barriers away.

I can feel it
Finally falling from my tongue
I can hear it
I’m alive now

^Yeah, a bit like that. Bronze Whale’s work reminds me of two of my favorite remixes in the world, both Metric songs but the Adventure Club take on “Collect Call” and Love Thy Brother’s reimagining of “Artificial Nocturne”. All three of these songs balance that grim faced determined feeling with a kind of soaring bravery that swells the heart in just the right moments.

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