Egzod Sparks a “Wildfire” with Sarah De Warren

Egzod Sparks a “Wildfire” with Sarah De Warren

Egzod Sparks a “Wildfire” with Sarah De Warren


Rising producer Egzod continues to grow his impressive body of music with his latest release, the dynamic single “Wildfire.” Featuring the intoxicating, ethereal vocals of Sarah De Warren, the infectious single, out now on Universal Music marks the first major label release for the prodigiously talented producer.

“Wildfire” carries an anthemic vibe, hitting hard with its passion and vigor. Replete with future inspired drops and an impressive chorus and bridge thanks to Sarah De Warren, “Wildfire” delivers invigorating and empowering effervescence. Celestial synths and melodic vocal harmonies accompany an epic drum line creating a sense of urgency that then crescendos into an unforgettable drop.

The Electronic Sports League was so captivated by “Wildfire” that they have chosen to feature it at upcoming gaming competition events and conferences worldwide. It will be heard by hundreds of thousands of viewers in both the real and virtual world. Egzod had this to say in reference to the track, “Wildfire is about the times when it’s hard to keep going. In life there will always be resistance that will test our ability to go above and beyond.”

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