[ELECTRO/BASS] Justice – “We Are Your Friends” (Dani Deahl Purrrnt Up Remix) [Free Download]

[ELECTRO/BASS] Justice – “We Are Your Friends” (Dani Deahl Purrrnt Up Remix) [Free Download]

[ELECTRO/BASS] Justice – “We Are Your Friends” (Dani Deahl Purrrnt Up Remix) [Free Download]


[ELECTRO/BASS] Justice - "We Are Your Friends" (Dani Deahl Purrrnt Up Remix) [Free Download]

Whether you know it or not, there has been a massive revolution regarding women’s roles in the EDM community. Consistently under-booked and over-looked at shows and festivals, it’s clear that at this point, electronic dance music is dominated by the male persuasion. But there is one double X chromosome boasting producer/DJ out there blazing a trail for the future of females in this XY-saturated market, and she is determined to make some noise, both on the decks and in our dance driven culture.

Chicago’s Dani Deahl has been the standout voice for female DJs recently, going as far as curating a “Women In EDM” panel discussion at Detroit’s Movement festival last week. She has boasted releases on labels like Dim Mak and Cr2 in the past few months and is now giving us a taste off a slightly different menu than what the electro Baecon Queen is known for. Re-working Justice‘s classic banger, “We Are Your Friends”, Dani veers straight into twerk territory with a bouncy arpeggiated synth, vocal snippet main line and a slight nod to the original going into the break. It’s a bottom-heavy banger that sits in drastic juxtaposition to the petite framed beauty behind the mix. Dani is setting an example for all women looking to make a career in music, and with the talent and looks she brings to the tables, it won’t be long before the masses begin to take notice.

Enjoy Dani Deahl’s remix of “We Are Your Friends” below, and make sure to grab your free download here.


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