Why We Love Lucidity Festival: Rising Dawn’s Lineup For 2018

Why We Love Lucidity Festival: Rising Dawn’s Lineup For 2018

Why We Love Lucidity Festival: Rising Dawn’s Lineup For 2018


We could give you a “5 Artists Not To Miss” post, and we’ve definitely got some in mind, but there’s something about not knowing half the people on Lucidity Festival: Rising Dawn‘s lineup that we absolutely adore!

In some regard or another, this happens to us at every event. The smaller stages draw in up-and-comers while the main stages boast massive names that we couldn’t miss if we tried. Yet, some of the headliners for Lucidity are names we’ve never seen before (which of course is largely a subjective analysis).

The way we see it is – the less music you know the more treasures there are to be found! It’s one of the most liberating feelings at a festival when you can saunter stage to stage and actually listen to what swoons you into staying. Too many times we’ve made a strict schedule, missed a sunrise set, ignored a set because the name was unfamiliar, and essentially blown our plans out of the water.

Study the Lucidity Festival 2018 lineup below…or not 😉

Lucidity is simply an unparalleled festival with or without a music lineup.

In so many words, our main priority entering Rising Dawn isn’t even the music. And to be perfectly clear, that’s no backhanded compliment. The folks at Lucidity could have withheld the lineup and we would happily trust their selection blindly. We’d show up and dance and sway and boogie our little butts off all weekend long!

Should you need any musical recommendations just ask in the comments below! You could also find us at the festival, start investigating the lineup on your own, or…take our advice and trust that the lineup is groovy as heck. Go in a little blind. We dare ya! (But also here’s where you can check out each musician and read about them).

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