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[EXCLUSIVE] Find Out How Envision Festival Creates The Perfect Space For Creative Collaboration


“Music and art is magic.”
-The Human Experience


Envision Festival: it’s the perfect tropical gala situated between the ocean and jungle where people from around the world gather to celebrate music, artistry, and humanity.

It’s a festival where creativity and unity are the largest focal points. Whether you’re into electronic, dubstep, house, or tribal music; workshops of permaculture, yoga, dance, hooping, or martial arts; or enjoy any one of the many visual arts, from painting all the way to healthy organic food creation; Envision Festival has it all for you.


It’s a fairy land with type A hippies.

Imagine the perfect setting for artists from all walks of life to meet and collaborate; to brainstorm ideas of artistic visions and philosophies and bring to life the possibilities of using art towards social impact. It’s a place where all generations, traditions, and rituals are welcome- and not only welcomed, but encouraged and nurtured. Envision Festival is the invitation for you to be all the things you know you are, and to meet yourself anew through the eyes of another.

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This year, The Sights And Sounds traveled to Costa Rica for the 6th annual celebration of Envision Festival, looking for the spark that draws so many enlightened beings to South America each year to commune in the jungle. What we found was beyond expectation – a melting pot of creative minds all working toward a unified vision of conscious realization and planetary unity.


Through our lens, we worked to capture this collaborative energy from the perspectives of various artists fully engaged in cultivating and disseminating this vision. Featuring exclusive interviews from performers such as Lafa Taylor, The Human Experience (David Block), and Elana Meta, we bring to you Envisioning Collaboration: Are You The Artist Or The Canvas? Enjoy the full video above or below.

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