We Asked Artists What They Were Grateful For & Here’s What They Said

We Asked Artists What They Were Grateful For & Here’s What They Said

We Asked Artists What They Were Grateful For & Here’s What They Said


Happy Thanksgiving, readers!

We’d like to express our utmost gratitude to everyone who reads, shares, comments, and generally enjoys what we do at The Sights And Sounds.

We’d also like to express our gratitude to the music, and the artists who create the juice for our ears.

While the current conversation surrounding Thanksgiving and its cultural implications is a sensitive and hotly debated issue (and rightly so), I’d like to use the relevance of the holiday to highlight what my intention is behind it: gratitude.

Gratitude for all you readers.
Gratitude for the music.
Gratitude for the artists.
Gratitude to write what I want to write.
Gratitude that music can awaken the masses.
Gratitude to all the writers and contributors to The Sights And Sounds.
Gratitude to everything and everyone I left out.

We also thought it would be great if we could find out what the artists we listen to everyday are grateful for. So we asked.

Below are what some of our favorite music makers and sound designers to see what they were thankful for in their lives this year.

Check out the gratitudes below:

Louis The Child

Louis The Child gratitude

“Some things we’re thankful for:
Man on the Moon by Kid Cudi
Good Luck Have Fun
Oliver Tree Memes


FDVM gratitude

“This year, at FDVM, we are grateful for…. our ears.

We to often forget about them and how precious they are.Seriously, the ear is not only a funny slab of skin. There is a whole process in there, transforming vibrations into sound waves and then electrochemical activity through membranes, bones, nerves and neurons. Make sure you protect them and feed them with only yummy sounds and music.”

The Human Experience

the human experience gratitude

“I am grateful that I am inspired and surrounded by people who inspire me. I am grateful for the opportunity to grow, learn new things, push my boundaries, face my shadows and discover a deeper sense of self love. I am grateful for my health, my family, my community, my teachers, guides and mentors. I am grateful to discover new mediums for creative expression which expand my human experience. Most of all I’m grateful for our earth and the inner feeling which guides my continued commitment to love and serve her.”


autograf gratitude

“I lost my dad less then a month ago to cancer it was one of the hardest moments of my life so I am most grateful time spent with family and loved ones.” -Mikul Wing

Alex Cruz

alex cruz gratitude

“I am extremely grateful for all opportunities I get in my life. Yes, I do love music and I also love to share that with people but then being able to do it on a full-time base, that to me feels like a dream come true. So I am grateful for getting this chance.”

“On the side, I am grateful for all the people i am surrounded with in my life. All these warm hearted, loving, caring, (emotionally) intelligent people give me the feeling I am alive. Walking together on a life path knowing that they are there for me and I am there for them, no matter what time of the day or what part of the world we are in. That makes me feel rich.”


haana gratitude

“I’m grateful for the ability to have found my passion in life, to make that my full time focus, and thereby inspire others to do the same! And to my dear family and friends for supporting me along the way. It take so much courage!”

Megan Hamilton & The Bermudas

megan hamilton gratitude

“I’m thankful for Star Wars, green bean casserole, apricot beer, Amy Winehouse, and Reddit; without which I would not be who I am today.”

What are you grateful for this year? Leave your gratitude in the comments below:


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