Morning Dance Party DAYBREAKER Turns 2 Years Old In LA

Morning Dance Party DAYBREAKER Turns 2 Years Old In LA

Morning Dance Party DAYBREAKER Turns 2 Years Old In LA


True to form, Daybreaker took tired eyes and shot them open as Pink Mammoth’s Zach Walker spun musical madness from the speakers at 6:30 am last Thursday morning.

After some slight venue confusion, the two year anniversary of LA’s Daybreaker event was held at Wurstkuche, Venice, its original Los Angeles birthplace.

For those of you who don’t know, Daybreaker is a sober morning dance party where an hour of yoga precedes two hours of dancing, sweating, costumes and conversation. For those of you who’ve considered going, but have never attended, let me tell you, you are missing out on a well kept city secret. Not only is this morning dance party one of the most uninhibited and inclusive dance events in the city, it’s an AM rush of adrenaline that will have your blood pumping all day.


The morning began with an hour of vinyasa flow and as the yogis ditched their mats, the rest of the party-goers flooded into Wurstkuche. Brands such as Bulletproof, Bai, Califia and Harmless Harvest provided free coffee and snacks to the early birds. Daybreaker typically pairs with healthy lifestyle sponsors, often local companies, making it all the more community oriented.

In addition to Zach Walker’s upbeat set, which kept the crowd dancing, the event had a live horn section which traveled around and played synchronistically with the DJ. As the dancing began to wind down, the crowd took their seats on the dance floor and Rafferty, a local Venice based crooner played an intimate two song set.

Daybreaker LA organizers, Andre Herd and Argine Ovsepyan read a daily intention out loud with the group and expressed their deepest thanks for the successful two years of this increasingly popular event. In Herd’s own words, “It’s been beautiful to watch DAYBREAKER LA grow into the movement that it has become the past two years. The way that the community has grown and flourished is incredibly inspiring and makes me so excited for the future.”



This is an international event, with parties being held in cities around the world. Daybreaker prides itself on supporting local artists and culture and is held monthly in Los Angeles, rotating between east side and west side locations.

I would recommend getting early tickets to the next one because they reliably sell out and the Daybreaker movement only seems to be gaining momentum.



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