[FESTIVAL PREVIEW] 5 Non-Headliners You Need To Check Out at Mysteryland 2016

[FESTIVAL PREVIEW] 5 Non-Headliners You Need To Check Out at Mysteryland 2016

[FESTIVAL PREVIEW] 5 Non-Headliners You Need To Check Out at Mysteryland 2016


Mysteryland has a lot to brag about—though it’s only been 2 years since their US debut, they have already distinguished themselves as one of the best in the saturated east coast festival scene.  It’s easy to attribute their success to the quality of their production, or the number of big-time headliners plastered on the bill. But we think their biggest asset is the inclusiveness of their overall lineup. Electronic music is by no means a homogenous genre, and Mysteryland USA does a fantastic job reflecting this by pooling together headliners and newcomers from a wide range of subgenres.

So to make the most of your Mystyerland USA experience, it’s key to branch out of your comfort zone and step into something novel. And there is no better way to do so than discovering new artists on this exceptional lineup. To ease the process we’ve compiled a list of 5 up-and-coming artists you should definitely check out during the festival:

1) Champagne Drip [Tropical/Future Bass]

His signature sound is a combination of bubbly bass beats colored in with Lisa-Frank-esque vibes— definitely a welcome addition to Future Bass family.


2) Ganja White Night [Dubstep]

This Belgum based duo pushes the boundries of the dubstep genre by intertwining acoustic elements to their bass-heavy sound.


3) Skylar Spence [Electro Pop, Nu-Disco]

Foremerly known as Saint Pepsi, Long Island based Skylar Spence puts a refreshing dance twist on pop music.


4) Aylen [Trap/Big room/Dubstep/Progrssive/Moombahton]

Aylen’s beats represent a congomerate of almost every edm subgenre under the sun. From big room to progressive, Alyen’s production is a flawless representaiton of how complex bass music can be.



5) Analog Soul [Acid house/Detroit Techno/Trip Hop/Dub]

Twin sisters Jacquelyn and Kathryn Smith (aka Jacky Sommmer & DatKat) make up the underground duo Analog Soul. Though their sounds are commonly described as a “deeper, darker side of techno and house,” these twins expertly incorporate a slew of other genres to diversify their live performances.


Now the countdown to Mysteryland USA begins. In the meantime take a look at their latest trailer for the big event.


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