[GOODSEX TIPS] Augustii Creates Feel Good Masterpiece Just in Time for Spring

[GOODSEX TIPS] Augustii Creates Feel Good Masterpiece Just in Time for Spring

[GOODSEX TIPS] Augustii Creates Feel Good Masterpiece Just in Time for Spring


Below is something special.

I want you to play it.

Then read below and feel everywhere.

The time is now.

It starts light and breezy, coming in before you know it; surrounding you in warmth, bringing you hope, validating your emotions. This is the sound of joy. This is your life. It is all around you, all you have to do is take one second to look, to stand back and appreciate. Immediately you realize what has been building this entire time. You jump in the realization of the presence around  you, astonished that something so beautiful could creep up that quickly. Now it progresses and you know what to expect this next time so you embrace the feeling, you embrace life. We are really grooving along now. Everyone around you seems like they feel the same way, you are aligned with yourself like you have never been before. The people, they are buying what you are selling, they are catching what your throwing; this is Spring. This is love. This is joy. This is Augustii.

What you just read is an excerpt of thought and feeling that occurred while listing to Augustii‘s new remix of Sandovall’s  track “Unwind”. The track simply reminds me of Spring and the transitions that can occur during this wonderful season. The vocals of the track itself brought me back to the days of Fall Out Boy. Where the male voice carried more emotion than it does now. Pop Punk was such a success because it sang the anthem of everyone’s teenage angst and gave hope for a better tomorrow. While the production and mastering are on point, it is the emotion that is stirred by the music that makes this remix so special. Grab a FREE download HERE and be sure to listen to this till it gets stuck in your head.

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