How Unleash Taught Me to Open My Heart

How Unleash Taught Me to Open My Heart

How Unleash Taught Me to Open My Heart


A special underground, transformative “sober” dance movement has been brewing in Los Angeles for the past few years. This unique and one of a kind “movement journey” known as Unleash! has been known to fully spring forth attendees into a new enlightened state of consciousness and realm of possibility. Founded by life coach, personal trainer, and motivational speaker, Yarixa (Yari) Ferrao, Unleash! carries the profound mission and purpose of becoming a soul-igniter, passion provoker, and catalyst for courageous creativity and personal freedom. Yarixa curates and MC’s each of her events, serving as an inspirational host that ignites her events with remarkably unparalleled positive energy.

Yarixa Ferrao AKA Yari, Photography by Francesca Goncalves

After hearing glowing reviews about the event series from multiple friends, I decided to go experience the magic for myself at their first event of the year last month at Cross Campus in Santa Monica, CA. I’d been told story upon story about the transformative movement’s keen ability to significantly improve people’s lives by fully opening their hearts and exposing them to a new realm overflowing with acceptance and love. The theme for the event was the crystal clarity or perfect “2020” vision that this new year and new decade bring.

Group Meditation, Photography by Francesca Goncalves

The evening commenced with a deep group meditation followed up by EFT or Emotional Freedom Technique “tapping” from one of LA’s top practitioners Heaven Hurley and complimentary body painting that helped provide the event with an almost ritualistic type of vibe. As Heaven tapped the other attendees and I through the constraints and limitations of the outside world, we found ourselves in a heightened state of awareness with fully open hearts.

Heaven Hurley leading EFT, Photography by Francesca Goncalves

This perfectly set the stage for Danni G’s dynamic DJ set (at times accompanied by live instrumentation) as he took participants on a blissful and euphoric musical journey. Somewhat hesitant in trusting the process and the flow (as I have often found myself in life), I decided to let my self-judgements go and fully embrace the freedom and liberation of the moment. Through my dancing and participating in the various group activities, I felt myself more connected to the rhythm of the universe, my own body, and those around me.

Danni G, Photography by Francesca Goncalves

Learning more about Yarixa and the event, my experience from that night seems to perfectly align with the intentions behind the event itself. Unleash! is all about letting the constraints that hold you back from everyday life go so that you can be fully present in an ecstatic and euphoric state of reality where anything is truly possible. As an addendum, a few days later, I received one of the biggest opportunities of my career to date.

Colin James Martin & Special Guest, Photography by Francesca Goncalves

The evening ended with highly memorable and engaging sets from the talented Colin James Martin and Katie Buxton and their musical guests. Both Martin and Buxton have been quickly been forging names for themselves as well as promising musicians in Southern California. Their emotive, heartfelt, and authentic live sets provided the perfect end to an incredible evening.

Martin had this to say in reference to Unleash!: “I had the great honor to perform at a few Unleash events last year, leading mass sing alongs, impromptu group music lessons as well as the simple sharing of a good ole fashioned folk song or three. Through my experience I’ve learned that event is intended to unearth new ways of connecting to ourselves through a unique blend of creative service and participatory response by the attendees. It’s inspiring to witness people as they become conduits for healing, joy, and so many emotions, ultimately finding a place of acceptance in a community that prides itself in supporting the journey of self discovery and cultural acceptance.”

Photography by Francesca Goncalves

Unleash! continues its incredible dance series with its special February love themed event on Sunday, February 23rd. Attendees will have the opportunity to cultivate a pure love vortex in which they will practice the different ways to be, give, and receive love and dance their hearts out. Hot off the heels of a headline show at The Troubadour, the incredibly talented Desi Valentine will headline the night. Elton John the king himself said “Desi is a true artist in his own right” and he couldn’t have a more perfect last name than Valentine.

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Yarixa Ferrao had this to say in reference to Unleash!: “At the core essence of Unleash, is a frequency of freedom and love which allows for people to put down all their walls and surrender into their true nature of authenticity. With that, they’re able to fully step into their power and self-expression which is what wants to come out of them. Love is open and free. When we withhold from our expression, it’s rejection of ourself. And therefore, it holds a stagnation. But when we unleash, that allows the freedom and the openness which means that there is a self-acceptance. In that we create connection to ourselves and connection to others.”

If you are learning how to open your heart, love yourself and others more, and free yourself from the constraints of the outside world, Unleash! is the perfect event for you.

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