[PREMIERE] Victorien – “Nomad”

[PREMIERE] Victorien – “Nomad”

[PREMIERE] Victorien – “Nomad”


Intriguing sounds. Mystifying aromas. Enchanting eyes from behind closed doors. Stories of adventure and daring that captivate the mind and baffle the senses. Our contemporary view of the nomad is mysterious, an ever-changing adventure tinged with moments of heightened awareness and omnipresent danger.

Walk down the street, you neighborhood nomad. Take in your culture, revel in the familiar and drink in the disdained details. Notice the rhythm of your feet, shuffling along at pace – people stop and stare but you are drawn on.

That voice – the powerful feminine echoing off stone walls and captivating your sense of journey. Eugenia Copeland, a desert siren, offers sweet juxtaposition to the hot heat simmering. That voice.

You don’t have to travel far to be a “Nomad”, you simply have to keep moving. Like the force behind Victorien‘s latest, you are urged forward by an invisible engine driving you to unknown times and places, a destination temporary, where you can find an oasis of pleasurable sounds and scenes if only you remember to stay present. Like a mirage, “Nomad” is a fleeting vision into ancient and esoteric ideologies, a portal into the self, a journey that dives inward as much as out, aligning the deep, rhythmic beat of the drums with that of your heart. Stay moving, “Nomad”, and find your oasis – that portal of presence which becomes your ultimate adventure.

“Nomad” is available for free download via Victorien’s Soundcloud.

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