[SKA/PUNK] Less Than Jake – “My Money Is On The Long Shot”

[SKA/PUNK] Less Than Jake – “My Money Is On The Long Shot”

[SKA/PUNK] Less Than Jake – “My Money Is On The Long Shot”


[SKA/PUNK] Less Than Jake - "My Money Is On The Long Shot"

I can’t tell you how many times Less Than Jake has put a smile on my face and lifted my spirits when I was feeling down. Having stuck it out for 20 years together, you have to give it up for the group – that’s a lifetime in the music industry.
They’ve navigated through multiple label changes that would normally destroy less determined bands, and now the Florida based troupe is preparing to release their first new album in five years. Titled See The Light, we now have the first taste of what we can expect off the punk/ska album with the upbeat single “My Money Is On The Long Shot.” The track sees the group bringing back elements of their earlier sounds, circa Pezcore, with edgier guitar, louder horns, and lyrics that paint a cynically insightful, yet all-to-true picture of their reality. Check it out below and watch as LTJ will soon be headlining the Fat Tour with Anti-Flag, Get Dead, and Masked Intruder.

See The Light is out next month from Fat Wreck Chords November 12th.


1: Good Enough
2: My Money is on the Long Shot
3: Jump
4: The Loudest Songs
5: Do the Math
6: Bless the Cracks
7: John the Baptist Bones
8: American Idle
9: The Troubles
10: Give Me Something to Believe In
11: Sunstroke
12: A Short History Lesson
13: Weekends All Year Long


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