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Tim Clark Delivers Powerfully Passionate Dance Anthem “Forgiving Hearts”

Veteran DJ, producer, and entrepreneur Tim Clark delivers the powerful love anthem “Forgiving Hearts” just in time for Valentine’s Day. Collaborating with the amazing vocalist Robin Vane, the infectious pop dance tune “Forgiving Hearts” tells the story of overcoming addiction and finding forgiveness in your relationship for the struggles it caused in the past. Dedicated […]

juuku Keeps It Fresh with Flip of Fred Again’s “Kammy”

Releasing a very steady stream of music and gaining critical attention from the likes of Forbes Magazine, these past three years have spoke testaments to juuku’s potential as a producer. Finally making his festival debut at Lost Dreams in Las Vegas this fall, juuku releases an innovative flip of one of the most beloved tracks […]

Hyper, Jack Trammell & Sam Matlock Join Forces for “Smells Like Teen Spirit” Remix

Rising electronic DJ and producer Hyper recently teamed up with Wargasm’s Sam Matlock and legendary trailer music composer Jack Trammell for a hyphy electronic remix of Nirvana’s classic “Smells Like Teen Spirit.” The result is a stellar, bombastic, upbeat ode to the yesterdays of the Pacific Northwest’s grunge scene. Learning that the UK native artist […]

Besomorph & Lucifer Join Forces with Mary Jensen for “Holy Water”

Besomorph & Lucifer recently teamed up on the infectious Brazilian Bass / Slap House Single “Holy Water,” featuring dynamic vocals from Mary Jensen. LA based producer Besomorph is a constant creator who has dropped 39 singles and remixes since 2019 alone under this moniker (he has several). Many of his releases have gained millions of […]

Puller Breathes New Life into Marshmello’s Beloved “Silence”

Italian producer and DJ PULLER, real name Rosario Puleo began producing music under the alias in 2015. Releasing a plethora of delectable remixes such as of Zhu and ODESZA’s “Faded,” Puller also turned heads when he released his all original big room electronic single “Shades Of Voices.” Puller shows no signs of slowing down with […]