[Synth Pop] 1987 – YourLove/Ecstasy

[Synth Pop] 1987 – YourLove/Ecstasy

[Synth Pop] 1987 – YourLove/Ecstasy


The stars are shaping spots along the edge of your jaw, there’s not a single song that compares to the echo of your laugh on this empty beach tonight… do you remember the days when our hearts were young? Laying together on the roof of some overpriced machinery, reaching for the bottles on our passenger seat through the sunroof, skin to skin…

But those were dreams.

There’s a trail of empty space where your hands used to be and the intensity of an inhale brings Bvlgari back to me. Eyes closed, mind gone; and I’m nothing but the sense of you again. My accelerated breathing gets caught between the reality of your absence and the fascination with your continuous presence and I’ve lost the ability to determine whether the feel of your lips is a memory or a fantasy.

Your love.. Ecstasy

Stockholm producer 1987 delivers his new track YourLove/Ecstasy luring us in with his first English vocals. The emotionally foggy atmosphere behind every sound in this arrangement brings to the forefront the rush at the pit of our stomachs during a slow kiss. Eyes closed, heavy breathing, legs around your waist, hands gripping your back, slow intake of air, wet… soft… unforgettable.

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