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[PREMIERE] Fluencie Find Their Feelings In Future-Pop Single “Night Life”


If you’re from the Pacific Northwest you may have heard of rising electronic act Fluencie.

If not, you’re about to.

The artist from Seattle, Washington sublimely blend the driving rhythms of dance with melodic and atmospheric vocals to create a vibe that stands out from the highly saturated EDM scene.

Their lush, echoey synths establish them as a future-pop act and their relatable “young and free” styled lyrics make their music equally at home during a night out or on the hangover-stricken morning sure to follow.

Nowhere is this attention grabbing sound more apparent than on their new release “Nightlife”, featuring DAYM.

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Fluencie seems perfectly primed to be a leader in their musical niche. Their west-coast feeling will surely be a hit in the festival scene and their fanbase in Seattle is loyal and loving. Check out the comments on this video to see what I mean.

fluencie single premiere

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