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All The Luck In The World Finds Meaning In The Small Moments With “Contrails”


“The less we know, the more we seek. In every loss, there’s discovery.”

86,400 seconds in a day. 86,400 fleeting moments to make something happen.

The spaces in between define us more than than we think. The small, arbitrary decision, moments, ephemeral choices unconsciously picked upon because it was the the thing happening in the moment.

Between thoughts, you floated by.

I hesitated.

It’s these seconds – freeze frames of life – where all the juice lies. Like the dark matter we can’t see that holds together our universe, it’s these in-betweens that hold our future selves in focus.

I often look back on these moments – a few stand out to me, transitory at the time yet stuck in my mind. Could have beens and what if’s. It doesn’t matter now, doors close and open.

In every loss, there’s discovery.

Stream All the Luck in the World – “Contrails” below:

Via Berlin comes Irish alt-folk trio All The Luck In The World with “Contrails” – a lilting alt-folk single with super harmonies and hushed vocals.

The video features a strong narrative, which the group says came about after contemplating the idea that people’s lives often cross paths in such arbitrary situations, yet meaningful connections can occur in these seemingly fleeting moments.

We couldn’t agree more.

All the Luck in the World - Contrails

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